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Monday, 18 October 2010


GTA 4 is incredibly entertaining. Many hours have I spent on the same mode shooting shit over and over again. The multiplayer in particular, although their early games were a little too new wave for my taste, but when GTA 3 came out in  2001, I think they really came into their own. I think their undisputed masterpiece is San Andreas, most people probably don't pay attention to the characters but they should, because its not just about the sand box nature of the game or the importance of police, its also a personal statement about new york city itself.


I love american psycho :)


  1. great series, i actually haven't played the latest ones but i loved the older ones

  2. I've always experienced that with this series, you always thought the previous game was better. When GTA: Vice City was released, I thought GTA 3 was better. When GTA San Andreas was released, I looked back at GTA VC. And so on. But in hind sight, when returning back to play GTA 3, you really can see that the series has gone a long way.

    I really did like the property purchasing of Vice City though, something I've missed in the later installments.

  3. to this day I can still just start the game and drive around the town und do pretty much nothiing... awesome game
    mafia 2 was disappointing btw